Welsh Wonders: A Golfing Odyssey in Wales

Wales, a land of rugged landscapes, ancient castles, and Celtic charm, also offers a golfing experience like no other. Nestled amidst its stunning natural beauty are golf courses that seamlessly blend with the terrain, creating a golfer’s paradise. In this article, we embark on a golfing odyssey through Wales, exploring the wonders of its golf courses, from links by the sea to inland gems.


Wales, often overshadowed by its neighbors, is a hidden Golf Courses in the UK gem for golf enthusiasts. The country’s diverse topography provides the canvas for a range of golf courses, each offering a unique golfing experience.

Wales: A Golfer’s Haven

Wales offers an array of courses that cater to golfers of all skill levels. Whether you’re seeking the challenge of a championship links course or the tranquility of an inland hideaway, Wales has it all.

Royal Porthcawl Golf Club: Coastal Majesty

Located on the south coast of Wales, Royal Porthcawl Golf Club is a championship links course with a royal pedigree.

The Beauty of Rest Bay

Royal Porthcawl offers stunning views of Rest Bay and the Bristol Channel, providing a dramatic backdrop as you navigate its challenging fairways.

Celtic Manor Resort: Luxury and Championship Golf

Celtic Manor Resort, situated in Newport, is a world-renowned destination that combines luxurious accommodations with championship golf.

The Twenty Ten Course

The Twenty Ten Course at Celtic Manor made history as the venue for the 2010 Ryder Cup. Its meticulously manicured fairways and challenging layout are a testament to its quality.

Aberdovey Golf Club: Coastal Charms

Aberdovey Golf Club, located on the west coast of Wales, is a classic links course with a rich history dating back to 1892.

A Seaside Gem

Golfers at Aberdovey can enjoy breathtaking views of Cardigan Bay and the Snowdonia mountains as they tackle this traditional links layout.

Pennard Golf Club: “The Links in the Sky”

Pennard Golf Club, often referred to as “The Links in the Sky,” offers a truly unique golfing experience.

A Course with History

Built on the site of an ancient links course, Pennard is steeped in history, and its undulating terrain adds an element of unpredictability to your round.

Conwy Golf Club: Coastal Beauty

Conwy Golf Club, situated on the North Wales coast, offers a blend of traditional links golf and modern challenges.

The Majestic Conwy Castle

The course offers spectacular views of Conwy Castle, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, creating a captivating golfing backdrop.


Wales, with its rich history and captivating landscapes, is a golfer’s paradise waiting to be explored. Whether you’re teeing off at the majestic Royal Porthcawl, enjoying the luxury of Celtic Manor, savoring the coastal charms of Aberdovey, experiencing the unique Pennard, or reveling in the beauty of Conwy, Welsh golf courses promise a golfing odyssey like no other.

So, pack your clubs and embark on a golfing adventure through the land of Welsh wonders, where golf and nature harmoniously unite to create unforgettable memories.

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